Open Your World With QiGong

A Simple Elegant Exercise that Yields Amazing Results

QiGong - (pronounced chee - kung) - simply means energy work. There are various ways to work the body's energy.

Internal qigong is more meditative, using mind and intent to push and move qi through the body. It is sometimes called passive qigong and equates to yin.

External qigong is what you see people practicing in parks, focusing on movement and breath training to move qi through the body. This is a more active form of qigong and equates to yang.

There is also healing or medical qigong where a qigong practitioner entrains a person's qi with their own qi to bring about physiologic changes in the body. Healing qigong requires both passive and active forms of qigong together. The meditative moving of qi and focused intent on a desired outcome is the passive aspect, and then using the hands to move and direct qi is the active aspect. Quantum physics teaches us that everything that exists is merely energy in some degree of movement or vibration. What we perceive as matter is really just a very high vibrational state of energy that appears to be solid. Qi is the energy, a biophysical magnetic electric field that resonates at the molecular level. Qi emissions are measured as photon emissions.

Qi isn't spirit. Qi and Spirit are different and distinct. There is qi and there is shen (spirit). I like to think of Qi as the "breath of life." It is the spark that ignites the fire of your metabolism and keeps your internal furnace stoked at a steady level to support optimum health and well-being. Energy healing and energy work is based on vibrational "medicine." Physics shows us a process called particle entrainment. This is based on equilibrium. Everything in the universe seeks equilibrium, balance. The medical term is "homeostasis."

The low vibrational state of matter can be entrained to vibrate at a higher resonance or frequency when brought into a higher vibrational field. Raising cellular vibration aids in healing. Every part of a cell as a vibrational frequency. It's outer shell, DNA, even the mitochondria. Each with its own unique vibrational frequency. The body is a symphony of harmonic resonance. Light waves can affect harmonic resonance. Sound waves can affect harmonic resonance. Thought waves can affect harmonic resonance. Heart waves can affect harmonic resonance. There are many things that can affect the individual body on a cellular level. Equally, there are healing corrections that we can apply to bring the body back into harmonic resonance. The regular, consistent practice of QiGong brings the body back into harmonic resonance and equilibrium. Start your practice today.

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