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Qi (pronounced chee and sometimes spelled as chi) is energy that flows through the body.


One way to think of Qi is to visualize many little streams flowing into a great river. When the streams are clear and flowing freely, there is a great force of energy.  Even the rushing water of little streams moves with energy and force.


Now picture some of those streams with rocks and branches blocking the flow of water. The water builds up behind the blockage creating a pool while on the other side there is lack of water. Over time that blocked water can also become stagnant and, with prolonged stagnation, death of the surrounding area can occur.


Qigong is one way to promote the regular flow of Qi through the body.


There are also other, equally important, ways and techniques to balance the body's energy.


Just as water exists in different states - gas, liquid, solid, plasma - Qi also exists in different states and has different functions in the body.


Gu Qi translates literally as bones and comes from the food and fluids we eat and drink providing strength to the bones.


Ying Qi is nutritive qi that flows through the blood vessels carrying the nutrients throughout the body.



The change in seasons brings shifting energy in the body. Winter is associated with the element Water - think of snow.


The associated organs are kidneys and bladder. The kidneys house Jing Qi. Jing Qi is the Qi that is inherited and starts life. It goes deep within the body during the cold winter months to protect the body.

Cold, damp and wind are three external factors that can affect the balance of Qi in the body.


Balanced Qi in the body is essential for balanced living, creating harmony (in western medical language "homeostasis") within the small universe surrounding you and within you.


There are several ways to balance Qi. The regular practice of QiGong is one way.


Eating foods that balance the body's energy is another way.


Balancing energy through energy techniques is yet another way to bring balance and harmony to the body's energy system.


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