“Science is at a loss to understand and explain completely the many types of energy and control mechanisms
within the body. When the mass of energy and regulating mechanisms are balanced, health results.”
~ David Walther, DC

There are many conditions that can benefit from balancing the body's energy.
Modern physics is proving what the Ancients knew - that everything at its most basic level is nothing more than energy.
Balancing the energy body allows the physical body to come back into balance.
Do you suffer from allergies?
Seasonal allergies
Food allergies
Environmental allergies
All are caused by an imbalance in the body's energy system.
Along with balanced energy and supporting the immune system when necessary, the body can heal itself and experience health.
Get back your health!
A skin test for allergies costs anywhere from $10 - $50 per allergy and blood tests can range from $100s to $1000s.
For a fraction of what you would spend just to find out that you have an allergy, you can identify and clear the allergy, living free of the allergy going forward.
What are your allergies costing you?
Loss of sleep
Loss of enjoyment of living
Loss of income from time out work
Inability to think clearly
Inability to breathe deeply
Find out whether you have a sensitivity or a true allergy.
You might even have an addiction you are unaware of.
Your reward of...
Sound sleep
Enjoyment of living
Saved sick time
Clearer thinking
Breathing deeply and freely
are all possible for a small investment.
Schedule your energy session today and be allergy FREE!


Balance your energy to clear allergies. Allergies create an energy pattern in the body. Energetically, we can go in and reset those energies, effectively clearing the all...
Allergy Energy Balance
30 min





“While visiting my primary care doctor a few years ago, I spoke to her about my latex allergy and other allergies, she gave me a list of food to avoid that contains latex.  This list explained why every time I ate kiwi my lips would swell up and become itchy.


I avoided eating kiwi for the longest time until I met Antonia. She helped me with my latex allergy and kiwi allergy.  This summer, I've been using the rubber garden hose in my yard with no problems at all. I even ate kiwi and had no problem.  Thank you Nia!"

~ MD

"Last year (July 2016), I had a bad cough lasting at least 3 weeks. I couldn't sleep at night and I was keeping my husband up. I even had to move into another room at night.


When I saw Nia, she was able to identify the cause of the cough and told me I had a grass allergy! This was the first year in our new home and I had an allergy to this particular type of grass.


Utilizing her skill and knowledge in kinesiology, she was able to clear my grass allergy and, just like that, no more cough! It has not come back since and for that I am so thankful!


She has since helped me with multiple problems. Kinesiology is amazing. You really have to experience it for yourself!"

~ VL

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