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Celebrating 55 Years 1965 - 2020
The History of Applied Kinesiology


Applied Kinesiology is celebrating 55 years since its inception back in 1965 by Dr. George Goodheart.


Unlike Academic Kinesiology, which is simply the study of movement, Applied Kinesiology is the study of the underlying energy of the body.


It is a new perspective of the body's energy system as understood in eastern traditions.


Dr. Goodheart came to the realization that various forms of stress can affect a muscle thereby inhibiting the muscle's ability to perform its function.


Stress could be physical, biochemical, thoughts, emotions, environmental and electrical (qi).


Building on the prior work of Dr. Frank Chapman, osteopath, Dr. Goodheart found that stimulating points known as Chapman's reflexes would "turn on" inhibited muscles.


Dr. Chapman found that patients who had a problem with a particular organ would all have corresponding tender nodular areas at the same location in the body.


By connecting specific Chapman reflex points to inhibited muscles, Dr. Goodheart was able to make the connection between a muscle and an organ.


Dr. Goodheart further reasoned that organs are governed by specific meridians (in Chinese Medicine theory), so therefore, the muscle associated with a specific organ would also be related to the organ's meridian.


This could be proven by sedating a meridian. The muscles associated with the meridian are inhibited when the meridian is sedated.


Thus, Applied Kinesiology had its beginnings.


Fast forward 55 years later, and many variations of Applied Kinesiology now exist.


Donna Eden coined Energy Kinesiology which is frequently used by non-physician kinesiology practitioners.


At XinWellness, the focus is on the many interconnected systems within the body.


Kinesiology is one tool used to bring the body back into a balanced energy state.


Initial Kinesiology appointments typically will last 120 minutes with follow-up appointments lasting 45 - 60 minutes.

Due to the current COVID-19 virus, in person visits have been suspended.

Distance Kinesiology Sessions are now available. Schedule your appointment here.

Watch my special webinar on "spooky" particles to understand how distance energy work really works!


"The body is a seething mass of compensations." - Dr. George Goodheart

True and lasting results are achieved by moving past the compensations and getting to the root of the issue.


In this sense, a kinesiologist becomes an energy detective, following the body's clues to find the root cause.

Kinesiology for...


Digestive wellness

Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Diet and Detoxification

Elimination Diets

Injury Recovery

Surgical Recovery

Stroke Recovery

Energy Balance based on Eastern Healing Traditions

Overall Well-Being

The Kinesiology Family Tree

Some of the Many Off-Shoots
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Advanced Kinesiology

Educational Kinesiology

Energy Medicine

Wellness Kinesiology


Clinical Kinesiology

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